Celebrating 5 years at AEA

AEA has recently reached its 5 year milestone. Founders Charlie and Phil want to thank everyone that supported AEA and helped make the business what it is today.

Charlie and Phil saw an opportunity to merge their skills and set out on a new venture keeping true to their like-minded values, leadership and integrity. Here’s 5 things that they are proud of:

  1. Great, diverse and dedicated team – very low staff turnover and high employee satisfaction
  2. Australian and employee-owned company – keeping it local and giving back to those who earned it
  3. High quality of work – value and delivery outweighs cutting costs and substandard reports
  4. Competitive difference – one of the only businesses in Australia with 5 auditors and offering audit-only services, meaning less conflict of interest
  5. Respect in the industry – upskilling our expert support team, developing our in-house specialists, maintaining regular client communication and working with only the best stakeholders