Company Profile

Australian Environmental Auditors (AEA)

Australian Environmental Auditors Pty Ltd (AEA) is a national contaminated land and landfill auditing specialist organisation.
With offices and auditors in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the Hunter Valley – AEA conducts auditing in all states and territories in Australia.
AEA’s auditors and staff have been involved in hundreds of audits throughout the country, and are proud to provide clients with pragmatic, time- and cost-effective environmental auditing services.

The AEA Board of Directors believes that AEA’s commitment to the industry and Australia is shown in its philosophy, vision, mission and goals.

AEA Philosopy

AEA was formed to provide sensible and scientific environmental auditing services nationwide in order to assist all stakeholders – regulators, industry, public and consultants – in protecting human health and the environment by maintaining compliance with legislation while pursuing sustainable development.

AEA Vision

To protect human health and the environment with realistic and timely contaminated site auditing advice throughout Australia.

AEA Mission

To provide expert quality, pragmatic auditing advice in a flexible and rewarding workplace to secure the respect of staff, regulators, clients and consultants.

AEA Goals

To build the company into a well-respected business that:

  • provides excellent service to clients
  • instils confidence in regulators
  • returns good dividends to shareholders
  • provides clear, desirable career paths for staff, and
  • protects the environment.

Triple Certification

AEA is third party certified for Quality, Health & Safety, and Environment.

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