Expert Advisory Services

AEA provides a number of special services to achieve a tailored outcome for clients in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines. These conditions are outlined below.

Due Diligence

AEA offers the highest level of corporate environmental review in the interest of helping clients understand potential contamination or environmental compliance obligations at their site. Environmental due diligence review is a vital step in understanding potential environmental liabilities and avoiding ongoing financial costs.

In divestments, mergers or acquisitions, environmental remediation costs and other liabilities can easily cost millions of dollars. AEA understands these potential risks thanks to extensive experience in assessing, remediating and managing contaminated properties.

Potential risks could include:

  • Contaminated/polluted land
  • Special planning and zoning restrictions due to surrounding environment
  • Historical environmental notices and restrictions
  • Incorrect storage and delivery of dangerous/toxic substances

Whether it is an individual sale or a major portfolio acquisition/divestment, AEA can assist by providing realistic and practical advice whilst making the most of the data at hand.

Expert Witness

AEA’s auditors can and have served as expert witnesses in contaminated land assessment, remediation or management situations. With several of our auditors possessing over 20 years’ experience, AEA’s auditors are honest, pragmatic and accomplished in all areas of soil and groundwater contamination issues. Located in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Perth, these professionals are experts in their field and locally accessible.

Foremost Technical Support

AEA support staff are accomplished in the fields of landfill, hydrogeology, risk assessment, and contaminated land – each with extensive experience and expertise. As such, AEA staff provide expert technical support to AEA’s in-house as well as external auditors. Their combined specialist knowledge consolidates AEA’s position as the most trusted and competent environmental auditing agency in Australia.

  • Geology
  • Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • Fate and Transport Modelling
  • Landfill Gas and Soil Vapour
  • Remediation
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Human Health Risk Assessment


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