Technical Staff

Greg Foster

Operations Manager

With years of experience, Greg has a wealth of expertise in science, geology and contaminated sites …Read more

Stuart Thurlow

Landfill Manager

Stuart is one of the country’s leading technical landfill experts and supports numerous local councils …Read more

Shandel Coleman

WA Manager

Shandel is the WA Manager and AEA’s National Health & Safety Manager. She supports the WA auditors …Read more

Kevin Masterton

Technical Support

Kevin is an experienced environmental engineer, based in Melbourne …Read more

Gurdeep Khosa

Technical Support

Based in Melbourne, Gurdeep has authored audit reports in all states including CUTEP …Read more

Sylvia Tari

Technical Support

Sylvia is a qualified Senior Environmental Consultant and Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)…Read more

Kerry Kent

Technical Support

Kerry has experience in a range of small to large scale projects varying from soil vapour, groundwater …Read more

Bridget Roder

Technical Support

Primarily experienced in South Australia, Bridget has worked across multiple industry sectors …Read more

Donna Smith

Technical Support

Donna is an environmental scientist with a rich history of project administration and client liaison…Read more

Kate Sims

Technical Support

Kate is one of AEA’s technical landfill professionals, with a rich history of landfill experience …Read more

Melanie Nunn

Technical Support

Melanie is a qualified professional environmental scientist with over 16 years’ experience…Read more

Support Staff

Tanya Thake

Business Development Manager

AEA’s Business Development Manager, Tanya, works closely with our auditors and clients to …Read more

Lucille Corbett

Finance Manager

Lucille has over 20 years’ financial experience across diverse industries including law firms, …Read more

Dee Wheeler

Finance Officer

Dee works in our accounts team and is based in NSW …Read more

Sama Sharifi

Project Administrator

Sama has an education in Chemical Engineering and fulfils the role of Project Administration Manager …Read more

Lyn Howland

Project Administrator

With a rich history of reporting and editing, Lyn is a highly experienced administrator …Read more

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