Gurdeep Khosa

BEng (Environmental)

Gurdeep has over 20 years consulting experience working extensively in contaminated land assessment, auditing, hazardous materials assessment and remediation projects across Australia. He also has 2 years’ experience working for the NSW EPA undertaking regulation and policy related duties.

Experience has been gained in assessing, managing and remediating soil/groundwater within an urban, commercial and industrial setting whilst consulting to a wide range of clients. He has authored numerous audit reports and prepared statements in various states (such as NSW and Victoria) as well as undertaking Clean Up To Extent Practicable (CUTEP) assessments (in Victoria).

Whilst working for the New South Wales EPA, Gurdeep co-authored the UPSS Guidelines in conjunction with implementing the UPSS Regulations.

Gurdeep enjoys hiking, exploring the outdoors and photography.

Gurdeep Khosa

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