Shandel Coleman

Auditor WA & QLD, WA Manager

Master of Occupational Hygiene and Toxicology, BSc (Environmental Science), BSc (Chemistry), GradDipOccHlthSfty, Certified Environmental Practitioner Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP SC)

Shandel is an accredited auditor in Western Australia and Queensland. She has over 20 years’ experience and has been involved in both consulting and auditing aspects of environmental site assessments, site validation, remediation and project management particularly throughout Western Australia.

She has worked on over 100 audit projects in a wide variety of industries including agriculture, mining, chemical manufacturing, airports and service stations. She has recently been involved in several complex demolition projects requiring remediation and validation. Shandel has comprehensive technical and theoretical knowledge of the principles and practices of contaminated site assessment and remediation, including drilling and monitoring well installation, soil, water and air sampling, interpretation of analytical data and reporting.

Shandel was our National Health & Safety Manager prior to her auditor accreditation. She has expert experience in the development and implementation of best Health and Safety practices in our industry.

As WA Manager, Shandel is responsible for managing all staff and all projects that run out of the Perth office. As part of this role she regularly liaises with clients and consultants to manage expectations and project deliverables. Shandel has expertise in communication and project management, having been involved in multidisciplinary teams, and maintains respected relationships with regulators, consultants and clients.

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