Bon Voyage Richard!

It is with great honour and tribute that we announce the resignation (and impending retirement) of one of Victoria’s most respected and experienced auditors, Richard Wolfe.

Richard was one of the original auditors to be independently appointed by EPA Victoria in the early 1990s. He has maintained his appointment and dedication to protecting human health and the environment for over 25 years!

During his stellar career, Richard has overseen some of Australia’s largest developments and contamination clean-ups with involvement in more than 100 statutory and non-statutory audits, and has just about ‘seen it all’. He has served as Technical Advisor for Defence sites across Australia and undertaken significant study tours in the US and Netherlands to assess emerging technologies. He has contributed to positive legislation changes and reviewed various interpretations of the audit guidelines.

Richard was seen as one of the “tough” auditors. Instead of resolving things to 80% he goes the whole way with his pedantic “get it right or get it right” attention to detail. Through Richard’s knowledge, experience and being an all-round good person, he has earned profound respect from his peers and from clients (through saving them money and reducing stress), and EPA has held him in high esteem.

Whilst the industry has lost a legend, Richard has offered his continued wealth of environmental wisdom to our AEA team as a mentor.

Richard, congratulations on a successful and impressionable career. We wish you the best in your future retirement years.

(Richard Wolfe pictured third from the left)