Australian Environmental Auditors (AEA) provides specialist expert advice in contaminated land, landfill and associated disciplines across the country.

Our independent regulatory-appointed auditors and expert technical specialists help clients successfully overcome their environmental project challenges. We pride ourselves on a responsive, transparent service with unquestionable experience and valuable expert support throughout the whole process.

Contaminated Land Auditing
AEA's regulatory-appointed environmental auditors provide auditing of contaminated sites in all states and territories.
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Landfill Auditing
AEA's regulatory-appointed environmental auditors provide auditing of landfill sites in all states and territories.
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Expert Witness
AEA provides expert witness support for contaminated land and landfill sites for legal practitioners around the country.
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Due Diligence
AEA offers review and insight in understanding potential contamination liabilities or environmental compliance obligations.
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Landfill Expert Advice
Our national landfill team offers valuable, independent and trusted advice for operational and closed landfill related sites, as well as sites in the buffers of landfills.
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Expert Technical Support
AEA provides expert advisory services to complement our experience together with our advanced knowledge of legislation and guidelines to help clients achieve the best possible outcome for their projects.
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Preliminary Risk Screen Assessments
Our EPA-appointed environmental auditors can perform PRSAs to find out whether there’s a need for more detailed assessment.
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Human Health Risk Assessment
AEA's in-house risk assessment and toxicology experts bring a risk-based focus to all aspects of contaminated land.
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Contaminant Hydrogeology
AEA can assist in understanding fate and transport of contaminants and develop simple models to determine a path or ways in which contaminants move in the subsurface.
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Our experienced auditors have a rich history of small to large scale
projects in all types of industries across the country.

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