Landfill Auditing

AEA’s landfill team are some of the most experienced in Australia. We provide landfill auditing and expert technical advice at new, expanding, operational and closed landfill sites around the country.

Landfill is an important part of Australia’s waste management infrastructure. The siting, management and rehabilitation of landfill sites require a high level of design and management to ensure that the environment and community are protected and aspirations are met.

Regulatory authorities have developed state-specific landfill guidelines to assist landfill owners and operators with design and rehabilitation of landfill cells, ongoing environmental management, day to day operation and long term aftercare.

Australian Environmental Auditors (AEA) has a strong team of EPA-appointed/accredited environmental auditors and technical experts across the country, including one of Australia’s foremost landfill gas experts, available in-house to clients.

Our extensive experience has shown that states, councils, independent owners and operators are increasing their diligence in design, operation and management through compliance with raising legislative and industry standards. Communities are also becoming more engaged in the environment and more active in opposing landfill sites.

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Landfill Auditing Services

  • Operations audits
  • Construction design verification of new cells
  • Construction design verification of capping and rehabilitation
  • Construction quality assurance audits of new cells
  • Construction quality assurance audits of capping and rehabilitation
  • Works approvals (Victoria)
  • Hydrogeological assessments verification
  • Environmental monitoring program verification
  • Aftercare management plan verification
  • Rehabilitation plan verification
  • Risk assessment review
  • Landfill gas and leachate management, control and assessment
  • Landfill gas and leachate extraction systems
  • Landfill operations, management and advisory support
  • Expert witness
  • Landfill expert advice

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