Advanced Technical Support

AEA provides a number of expert advisory services to achieve a tailored outcome for clients in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines.

AEA’s support staff are accomplished in the fields of landfill, hydrogeology, risk assessment, and contaminated land – each with extensive experience and expertise. As such, AEA’s staff provide expert technical support to AEA’s in-house, as well as external, auditors. Their combined specialist knowledge consolidates AEA’s position as the most trusted and competent environmental auditing agency in Australia.

  • Geology
  • Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • Fate and Transport Modelling
  • Landfill Gas and Soil Vapour
  • Remediation
  • Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Human Health Risk Assessment

Get in touch with one of our auditors or technical team regarding your project or environmental audit requirements today.


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