Nine tips for developers

Nine tips for developers to consider to help minimise liability and manage unknowns:

  1. Choosing the right consultant and auditor can “make or break” your project.
  2. If you get an audit quote for as little as $10k, expect variations. This can blow-out, so make sure you carefully evaluate the scope of the audit that has been costed.
  3. Audit the auditor. If an audit has been triggered, ask for similar case studies from the auditor and examples of where they have assisted the client and provided timely pragmatic advice.
  4. Be prepared if your design plans have to change to suit environmental requirements.
  5. Site investigations and results may take a while; the sooner you start testing the more the likelihood to meet your project timeline. Don’t delay the inevitable.
  6. Engage the auditor before you start site assessments to avoid unnecessary re-testing.
  7. Choose an auditor who has a good working relationship with the consultant as this will reduce time and interaction issues between them.
  8. Factor in a contingency cost for unforeseen environmental issues. A “just in case” fund.
  9. Don’t get stuck in the “it won’t affect me” bubble. We have seen this many times. It’s smart to conduct due diligence before purchasing the site, no matter what.