Statutory Audit of Pipe Manufacturing Facility

Client – Manufacturer
Location – New South Wales
Project Value – $200k+

Project Summary

AEA completed a statutory audit to determine land use suitability and satisfy a condition of sale.

The site is zoned for industrial use, however an environmental conservation zone is present alongside the property boundary. Various contamination was found due largely to historical placement of fill.

wo retention dams were present on site and remediation of the dam sediments was undertaken under a Development Consent, which was required due to proximity to the conservation zone. Council prohibited soil remediation within the conservation zone itself.

Asbestos-contaminated soils were excavated from the remainder of the site and placed in the remediated dams, then capped and revegetated.

Outcome & Highlights

This management method allowed re-use of the site for industrial purposes whilst minimising the volume of soil which was required to be disposed of off site, resulting in significant cost savings for our client.

Statutory Audit of Pipe Manufacturing Facility


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