Interim and Final Mandatory Auditor’s Report for Commercial Development

Client – Large Chemical and Energy Company
Location – Bayswater, Western Australia
Project Value – $200k

Project Summary

The client engaged AEA to audit a site proposed for a commercial/industrial development. Historical use of the site includes 65 years of industrial land-use where various chemicals were produced, after which resulting by-products and residues (iron oxide cinders and superphosphate effluent) were disposed of on location.

The proponent required a DER accredited auditor to undertake an Interim Mandatory Auditor’s Report (I-MAR) in accordance with the Western Australian DER Contaminated Sites Act (2003).

Contaminants were assessed from both onsite and on offsite properties. Soil and groundwater: heavy metals, asbestos, petroleum hydrocarbons, nutrients.

Outcome & Highlights

The MAR included an assessment and classification of commercial/residential properties downgradient of the site. The site has been classified as Remediated for Restricted Use (RRU). Downgradient properties were classified as RRU based on long-term monitoring of impacted groundwater.

Commercial Development


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