Expert Advice of Landfill Gas Management for Odour Reduction

Client – Major Landfill Operator
Location – NSW
Project Value – $20k+

Project Summary

AEA was engaged to provide expert technical assistance to a major landfill operator in response to a significant number of odour complaints.

AEA identified the odour source, being landfill gas (LFG) generated from the waste mass as well as specific characteristics of the LFG that were noted within odour complaints. AEA undertook the following work for the client:

  • Identification of a preliminary LFG extraction system design and specification for installation
  • Performance parameters for the preliminary LFG extraction system
  • Development of a landfill gas management and monitoring plan for submission to NSW EPA
  • Expert review of LFG system performance monitoring and LFG system management advice
  • Expert advice on expansion of the LFG extraction system, including the permanent system
  • Expert advice on the methodology and equipment for monitoring LFG surface emissions
  • Expert advice on sampling trace gases in LFG and trace gas composition of LFG
  • Development of a subsurface and buildings and structures LFG monitoring program including bore design, spacing, appropriate monitoring equipment, monitoring frequency and gases to be monitored
  • Expert review of leachate management and its influence on LFG generation and extraction
  • Liaison with NSW EPA and their appointed expert
  • Expert witness support to the client

Outcome & Highlights

AEA’s advice proved critical to reducing odours from the site. An LFG extraction system was installed at the site and LFG monitoring undertaken in accordance with AEA recommendations. Odour complaints have dropped to zero and NSW EPA air monitoring is no longer detecting odorous compounds in residential areas.

  • Rapid identification of the odour source and the solution.
  • Restoration of amenity values for the affected residential areas.
  • Actions taken to the satisfaction of the regulator.

Expert Advice of Landfill Gas Management for Odour Reduction


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