Hydrogeological Assessment Verification of Operational Landfill

Client – Landfill Operator
Location – Victoria
Project Value – Confidential

Project Summary

AEA was engaged to undertake the verification of hydrogeological assessment (HA) for an operational landfill located at a Mill site in the Morwell region of Victoria. The HA was completed by a Consultant in response to the requirement set forth in Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) issued by EPA to the Client.

The site is used to produce paper and paper products. The objective of the HA was to assess potential groundwater impacts of landfilling activity to inform maximum leachate levels to be maintained within each cell which minimises the impact on groundwater and allows effective management of landfill gas (LFG) in accordance with the licence issued by EPA. The full appraisal of other potential soil and groundwater impacts has not been conducted as part of the HA. The auditor reviewed the HA, identified the data gaps and provided comments to the Consultant. The outcome of the verification identified groundwater pollution as a result of leachate impact. The interim and final leachate levels were considered to be achievable, and the target levels were set with an understanding to ensure proper management of landfill gas.

Outcome & Highlights

  • Timely completion of the HA verification to meet the deadline of the PAN.
  • Despite disagreement on management options and leachate target levels between the auditor, Client and Consultant, appropriate, variable target levels were set.
  • The HA provided adequate information to meet the authority’s requirements and confirmed that the proposed works and leachate levels would not pose an unacceptable risk to the environment.

Hydrogeological Assessment Verification of Operational Landfill


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