Landfill Cap Design and Construction Assessment

Client – Local Council
Location – Victoria
Project Value – $40k

Project Summary

AEA was engaged as the Site Auditor to undertake an assessment of the landfill cap design and subsequent assessment of the phytocap construction for a closed landfill located in Victoria. The site was originally capped in 2016 (after circa 30 years of operation) with a phytocap and remained closed until March 2020 when EPA granted Council approval to reopen the landfill to accept the disposal of bushfire waste from the 2019/2020 bushfires in the region.

EPA requested in the Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) that cap design documentation be prepared with reference primarily to EPA Publication 1563.1 Landfills exempt from licensing, and where applicable, EPA Publication 1323.3 Landfill licensing guidelines (Licensing guidelines) and 788.3 Best practise environmental management, siting, design, operation and rehabilitation of landfills (BPEM). The objective of the auditor assessment was to assess the design documents to confirm they met PAN requirements prior to submission to EPA, as well as to assess that the construction of the cap was completed in accordance with the agreed detailed design.

Outcome & Highlights

  • Timely completion of the design assessment to facilitate continuation of works by site contractors post cessation of waste deposition.
  • Ongoing client and EPA liaison during the construction phase including assisting Council negotiate an extension of the PAN completion dates due to reduced availability of vegetation tube stock required for planting as per the agreed design.

Landfill Cap Design and Construction Assessment


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