Landfill Cell Design, Construction and Clean-Up Plan Compliance

Client – Landfill Operator
Location – Bulla, Victoria
Project Value – $15M

Project Summary

AEA was appointed to undertake auditor verification of the Clean-Up Plan (CUP) for the site in response to an EPA Clean-Up Notice (CUN). The previous site owner had stockpile over 300,000 m3 of waste outside of the landfill cells which were creating off-site dust issues, regular landfill fires due to burning tyres with significant media coverage, and shredding of asbestos wastes, which triggered the need for the EPA Notice.

Over a period of 18 months, the site was progressively cleaned up via reprocessing the waste, fire management and strict asbestos controls. During this process, AEA undertook verification assessments for EPA and the client and assisted the client to comply with their clean-up obligations. As a result of AEA assistance (including VCAT expert witness), the site was cleaned up and able to secure a landfill licence to recommence landfilling following completion of the clean-up works.

A 900,000 m3 landfill cell was designed for the site to house the existing stockpiles and then allow importation of waste to generate funds to pay for the site clean-up. A previous cell design for the site had been verified by another auditor, but through working with the cell designer and EPA, a deeper larger cell was able to be achieved providing an extra 40% volume for the client. One of the key challenges associated with the cell design was the steep cell walls, comprising three 8 m high walls on a 1:1 slope. The cell design was approved by EPA without issue.

AEA was then engaged to undertake the cell construction audit in three stages. The cell construction has had a number of challenges to overcome, including liner contractor terminating part way through construction, erosion of the embankments, dealing with steep landfill cell walls and geological divide in the wall, Covid19 restrictions and a passionate but inexperienced client acting as the superintendent. The cell design and construction was assisted by involving a highly experienced landfill design engineer as the auditor’s expert.

Outcome & Highlights

  • Compliance with CUN under high level of EPA and media scrutiny
  • Helped turnaround landfill licence revocation
  • Secured EPA approval of 900,000 m3 landfill cell
  • Actively assisted with cell design and construction through use of landfill design engineer as the auditor’s expert

Landfill Cell Design, Construction and Clean-Up Plan Compliance


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