Phil has made the move to Adelaide

AEA Co-founder and Managing Director, Phil Hitchcock, has made the almighty move to Adelaide.

Phil is an EPA/DER appointed/accredited auditor in SA and WA, so his recent move from his old haunt in the Hunter Valley to Adelaide was a no-brainer putting him in the heart of the action, midway between VIC and WA. He has only been in Adelaide for a few months and has already been sought for a number of audits and is certainly helping keep our Adelaide team busy.  Phil’s focus there will be to help grow the business in both SA and WA with frequent visits to WA to support our Perth office.

Phil is known as a crackerjack, legend and highly respected operator in the environmental auditing world with having completed hundreds of audits across the country.

We wish Phil all the very best on this new adventure and hope you settle in nicely!