Donna Smith

National WHS Manager, Environmental Scientist

BSc. (Environmental Management)

Donna has experience working in a technical capacity in contaminated land and auditing within Victoria.

Prior to this role, Donna worked as the National Administration Manager for AEA, during which time she over-saw the submission of over 100 audit reports including 53X, 53V and CUTEP submissions in Victoria; SAS/SAR submissions in New South Wales; SCAS/SCAR submissions in South Australia and VAR and MAR submissions in Western Australia. It was during this period that Donna developed strong industry-specific knowledge and a keen understanding of regulatory requirements across several jurisdictions.

Since 2017, Donna has been working as an Auditor’s Assistant on sites in Victoria. She has assisted on a number of audits since taking on this role in both the Landfill and Contaminated Lands sectors.

Donna is AEA’s National Workplace Health & Safety Manager. Her enthusiasm, interest and commitment complements her dedication in research, preparation, development and implementation of Health and Safety procedures.

Donna’s experience has helped her to gain extensive knowledge in environmental auditing guidelines, with particular experience in audit submission requirements.

Donna’s Key Technical Expertise

  • Landfill operations
  • Landfill aftercare management audits
  • Landfill cell design verifications
  • Report Reviews and verifications
  • Contaminated sites audit support

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