Greg Foster

National Operations Manager & & Principal Technical Scientist

BSc, MSc (Hons) (Earth Sciences), Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP)

Greg has over 20 years experience in the contaminated sites industry and is one of AEA’s principal scientists. He also wears the hat of AEA’s National Operations Manager and has been with AEA since establishment.

Based in Melbourne, Greg has been involved in over 70 contaminated site audits across the country and has a wealth of expertise in science, geology and contamination.

Prior to joining AEA, Greg worked as a marine geologist in New Zealand before changing his focus to contaminated land issues in Australia. Greg has acquired extensive knowledge from working at organisations such as Handex Australia, Geopollution Management and OTEK Australia.

Greg enjoys fishing, strolling along the beach and spending time with his girls.

Greg’s Key Technical Expertise

  • Environmental (Contaminated Sites) Auditing
  • Preliminary & Detailed Site Investigations, Site Remediation
  • Site Investigation & Remediation Projects
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Expert Report Reviews
  • Multi-Phase Extraction Systems
  • Underground Petroleum Storage Systems Investigations & Reviews
  • Marine Geological Investigations
  • Coastal Hazard Zone Evaluations and Investigations

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