Nick Simmons

Principal Technical Specialist - Landfills

Bachelor of Science (Geography) (Hons), CEnvP

Nick has over 19 years of experience in landfill, leachate management, waste management, and landfill related fields.

He is a highly experienced Principal Technical (Landfill) Specialist with extensive knowledge and experience encompassing all elements of landfill sites, including applied environmental science & risk assessment related to landfill siting, landfill operations, landfill gas, leachate, landfill aftercare and developing land around landfills (incl. buffer zones). He also has experience managing the restoration of landfill sites as well as general aftercare management of restored landfill sites. Nick is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP).

Coming from a regulatory background, Nick has undertaken several technical and scientific reviews of landfill related information, reports, audit and regulatory activities across Victoria and internationally. He has also provided high-level technical advice to peak industry bodies, government agencies, environmental auditors and international partners. He authored and contributed to all of EPA Victoria’s landfill guidance documents and undertook inspections and detailed environmental assessment of landfills throughout Australia for EPA Victoria and on behalf of other authorities and jurisdictions. Nick also lectures at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology university in landfill management, environmental assessment of landfills and integrated waste management.

Nick regularly appears across Australia as an expert witness and conference presenter to international audiences on landfill gas risk assessment, landfill gas management, landfill geochemistry and landfill hydrogeological assessment.

Nick is an important asset to AEA’s National Landfill Team, providing technically advanced support to effectively deliver landfill related projects whilst ensuring AEA is up to date on landfill technical developments, environmental laws, and related regulatory standards and guidelines.

Nick’s landfill experience and in-depth knowledge of the landfill industry adds value to AEA’s clients and their projects as a highly technical expert.

Nick’s Key Technical Expertise

  • Landfill Gas Management and Monitoring
  • Landfill Operations
  • Landfill Gas Risk Assessment
  • Landfill Hot Spot Detection and Remediation
  • Background Ground Gas (carbon dioxide and methane)
  • Hydrogeological Assessment
  • Landfill Rehabilitation and Aftercare
  • Leachate Management and Monitoring
  • Developments Surrounding Landfills (operating and closed)
  • Developments on Closed Landfills
  • Environmental Auditor’s Expert Support (Landfill, Landfill Gas, Hazardous Ground Gases and Vapours)
  • Expert Witness
  • Regulatory Guidance, Policy and Legislation

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