Health & Safety 18001 PMS3282

Contaminated land

Environmental investigation and site remediation are integral in identifying and dealing with contaminants before they pose a risk to human health and the environment. AEA’s auditors can provide realistic and timely auditing advice to ensure this process is adequately followed.

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AEA’s auditors have extensive experience and can assist with new, expanding, operational or closed landfill management issues, including advice, verification of various reports and statutory auditing services.

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Expert Advisory Services

AEA recognises the importance of its clients and their work, and it provides due diligence, expert witness and regulatory support as required.

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Australian Environmental Auditors (AEA) is a nationwide landfill and contaminated land auditing specialist organisation.

AEA is committed to providing clients with efficient environmental auditing services that are both scientific and sensible.


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AEA ramps up its PFC auditing to help assess the extent of site conditions and environmental, health and commercial risks

Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) have permeated products globally for decades. Being man-made there is no natural bacteria that will degrade the... Read More →

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